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From Kindergarten Couture to Boutique Owner: My Story

By Lexy Ziemann April 05, 2024 0 comments


Hey there, it's Lexy! You might recognize me from the “adorable” pleather biker outfit I proudly sported next to my childhood and current best friend on our very first day of kindergarten. Ah, the memories of back-to-school shopping—those were the days! My parents gave me a choice that year: a massive haul of new clothes or just one standout pleather ensemble. Well, let's just say I made a fashion-forward decision!

This was also the year that my mom wanted me to get a perm since I was a flower girl in a wedding & the stylist fried my hair off… ever since then my family has given me the nickname, baby Justin Timberlake🙃I will never live it down.

Fast forward to eighth grade, where I confidently presented my "future career" PowerPoint on becoming a fashion designer. Looking back, I'd say I wasn't too far off the mark!

Recently, I've found myself reflecting on my journey—specifically, the wild ride of buying and transforming the business I once managed. Three years of hands-on experience, countless late nights, and unexpected challenges later, I found myself at the helm of a rebranded boutique.

I remember those late nights vividly—the ones I thought would be drastically different. Instead of smooth sailing with a team, it was just me, hauling tables, mannequins, and merchandise from one location to another in the dead of night after I put my baby to sleep- now I have two amazing little boys! 

The endless sawdust and chaos of construction as we revamped the space- the endless cleaning. My supportive sidekick, my dad,  helped me tag racks of clothes, I remember having to scrounge for readers so he could actually see what he was doing but I am thankful he helped when he could. Of course, I couldn't have done it without my husband, Taylor,  being a rock at home for our family and helping me follow my dreams. However, It was a lonely journey at times, but isn't that the nature of being a business owner? The relentless commitment, the never-ending to-do list—it's all part of the package.

And then there was the balancing act—new business owner, mother, wife—the list goes on. It feels like a lifetime ago, yet here I am, with my own thriving business since 2021, and managing the old one since 2018. Throw in another beautiful baby boy in 2022, and you've got a recipe for chaos!

But amidst the chaos, there's gratitude. I often find myself asking, "How did I get so lucky?" Every day, I wake up grateful to do what I love. Sure, there are challenges and long days, but when you're passionate about your work, it doesn't feel like work at all.

So, to each and every one of you—our customers, supporters, and cheerleaders—thank you. Your orders, your referrals, your unwavering support—it means the world to me. Here's to embracing the journey, one pleather outfit at a time!

With love and gratitude,


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