Harry Potter Body Wash Sampler Set

Indulge in a bit of Hogwarts magic with this Harry Potter Body Wash Sampler Set! Packed with four mini bars of magical-scented body wash, you'll cleanse and nourish your skin like a true wizard-- without stripping or drying it out. Get ready to cast a spell on your senses!

  • Candy Floss: A Honey Duke’s Candy Shop favorite! Enjoy the essence of guava extract to brighten and gently exfoliate skin
  • Chocolate Frog: All aboard the Hogwarts Express! Moisturize dry skin with this antioxidant-rich, cocoa-infused delight 
  • Marshmallow Jelly Bean: Lather up, & indulge in the sweet scents of Bertie Bott’s Marshmallow Jelly Beans. Infused with marshmallow root to soothe your skin
  • Sherbet Lemon: Infused with a natural source of Vitamin C, this brightening bar is inspired by Dumbledore’s favorite candy

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